The Wu Hsing Chuan Academy opened its doors to the general public May 1, 1980 with the express concern about the understanding of the Chinese martial arts. By exposing to the public that all martial arts is not Karate, as has been believed, we have introduced “Kung Fu’ that is at least 4,000 years older than the well known Japanese art of “Karate” and in many ways superior. By eliminating confusion and misunderstanding about the Chinese martial arts, the school has taught quality martial arts training with special emphasis on discipline. Our school also has a highly qualified teaching staff that exercises professionalism in instructions of the Chinese martial arts. Our school has also won many local, regional and international competitions. Wu Hsing Chuan continues to uphold the traditional standards of the Chinese martial arts training. Our school specializes in the Southern 5 Animal style of Kung Fu. SiGung Larry Adams is the founder and Chief Instructor. We offer instructions in Yang  Tai Chi, ChinNa, San Shou, weapons and defense technologies. We also specialize in the five animal boxing methods and theory.