In the western world, people are still not knowledgeable to the understanding of what Kung Fu is. Kung Fu is constantly mistaken for Karate but it is a term used to describe the Chinese martial arts. Kung Fu has been in existence for over 4,000 years and is not a Japanese are like Karate. The principles, theories and concepts practiced in Kung Fu are quite different from other arts. The major foundation that separates the Chinese martial arts is the foundation for which it stands and that is the use of the principle of yin and yang. This principle formulates how the Chinese artist applies his concepts and perceives his methods when using energy and movements. By perceiving force in a different view affects the method of response. Internal and external considerations then come together to accomplish a proper response. The principle of the Yin and yang is a universal principle of life and maybe applied wherever there is energy used. It is a principle of balance and is what holds together the foundation of Kung Fu.