The Chinese dragon is a mythical creature that is really based on the spiritual beliefs of Buddhism and is a supernatural animal of no descent. They are not to be compared to real dragons as we know in the western world. Because of their relationship to the spiritual world the Shaolin included the dragon as one of the five animals. This mystical creature of the spiritual world representing internal strengths does have some useful external training benefits also. Much of the techniques of the Dragon are smilar to the characteristics of other animals such as the tiger and snake. One of the characteristics of the Dragon movements are the soft circular techniques comparable to the snake. Most of the Dragon techniques are done with claws and emphasized in most attacks. The elements of this dragon is characterized by self control, breathing, internal conditioning and chi development. The dragon combines hard and soft movements based on the principle of the yin and yang and body dynamics. By practicing the external elements of the Dragon, we can develop internal qualities. Let it be known that the dragon is a destroyer and deceptor to his opponents. He will destroy spiritually and physically. Dragon training first leads itself to developing self control, strong spirit, body dynamics and application of hand techniques particularly clawing and the dragon tail sweeps. The internal development is the most important benefit of Dragon training.