At the Wu Hsing Chuan Academy, we offer an internal arts program at three different levels. The first level is Tai Chi which is an ancient form of meditative exercise that originated in China, that is proactive by slow captivating movements that originally was developed as a martial art but is now used to improve health. The principle behind the movements is called internal because of its relationship to how we use energy in our bodies. It is a simplified routine that contains many of the characteristics and traditional posture that can help the body to develop a balance in breathing, blood flow, joint relaxation and cultivation of energy. You will reduce stress, increase energy, improve concentration, strengthen bones and muscles as well as joints. It is a moving meditation as well as can be used as self defense. The purpose of the slow movements provide the opportunity to relax and strengthen you body without the risk of strain or injury. It is a great exercise for the elderly. After this level for those who want to go higher, there is Hsing-I or (mind boxing) and Bagua which are other internal styles that put more emphasis on combat and self defense. But Yang style Tai Chi is a complimentary program that is beneficial to everyone.