Bagua has internal and external aspects in its practice of walking in a circle. Externally, it exercises all of the body’s muscles. Internally the postures help relax the mind and releases the tension in the internal organs, open the energy channels and improves focus to the center of the circle while walking. Rooting in Bagua is different from the other rooting in other martial arts. Tai-Chi and Hsing-I require you to root deeply like a tree. Due to the constant motion, the rooting of bagua is more like that of strawberries, which have shallow roots that travel along with the vine. The bagua circle walking draws energy up the rear weighted leg, across the hips and down the right forward leg. There are many forms of bagua but they can be very difficult and challenging to practice and it can also be used as self-defense. The word “Bagua” means eight diagram or patterns.