Leopard boxing is one of the unique boxing styles of the Shaolin five animal system. Although different than the tiger, the leopard is extremely powerful for his size in delivering a solid and penetrating power that is dependent on speed, inter-changing circles and dynamic footwork. The striking techniques of the leopard are relaxed, loose, whipping type executions that incorporate a lot of circular patterns that by speed generate a tremendous impact of energy flow to its opponent. Comparable to the other animals such as the tiger, crane and snake the leopard helps develop physical strength as well as speed. The leopard is considered one of the most skillful of the five animal boxing methods. The leopard fist is formed in a way as to focus on a penetrating force possibly causing internal damage. Because of the streamline form of the leopards body, he exercises the advantage of leaping and long range attacks. The techniques that characterize the leopard are those that are fast and aggressive, consisting of a rapid series of punches and raking combinations that are centered at the waist. Because of the speed and circularity of the technique, footwork must be balance and stable to deliver effective force. The ongoing advantage of the leopard fighting method is unpredictable and untelegraphic in nature. The benefit of leopard training will develop speed, aggressiveness, power, skill, form and balance.