There is a reason to include the snake as one of the five animals. The snake leads itself to the understanding and cultivation of what the Chinese call “qi” which is internal energy. Focus and awareness alongside this internal energy can result in a penetrating power that can be far more useful then many external strikes. Since the snake is a reptile and has no arms or legs, it must depend upon its whole body for compensation. The coiling, rolling and twisting actions can be effective penetration methods for cultivating internal energy. The snake uses an open pass of energy flow in its strikes and is considered defensive and soft in style. The weapons of the snake are the snake tongue, fang, spit, coil and crawling. The benefits of training in the snake style is learning how to relax even in a tense situation as well as to be able to concentrate by increasing flexibility in limbs and body. Preparation and conditioning of the snake hands may or may not require special drills or physical strengthening of the hands depending upon teaching purposes and individual need. The snake is largely focused on striking the vital areas of the body as well as pressure points.